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“It is Official, Reglaze Glasses at amazon are the Most Trusted Prescription Lens Replacement Service, 6,300 customers cannot be wrong!”


How we save you Money by Reglazing your Lenses

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With your optical prescription in hand, simply changing the lenses without the cost of replacing your existing frames can save you anything from £50 to £150 or much more.
Because we make your reglaze lenses at our laboratory you pay the wholesale price making a saving of around 70% compared to the high street.
Our no-quibble guarantee to replace our lenses if they get scratched or damaged within 12 months saves you 100% of the cost.
Our special Super Coating comes all-inclusive and includes Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare and UV protection amongst others, to help protect your eyes from harmful UV light saving you around £53.
Check out our full pricing table below for Varifocal, Bifocal & Single Vision high quality lenses or Click Here.


Most Trusted – Says Who?

reglaze glasses online 75x75 200x300 Amazon Reglaze Glasses Online

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Perhaps the best proof are the words of our customers where every testimonial is thoroughly checked at for its authenticity.
Another proof are the 6,300 loyal patients who used the service in the high street before we introduced it online in 2012.
Our award for superior optical lens knowledge and advice we give to every customer with our 12 month consumer guarantee against scratching and manufacturing defects!
An award that was presented to us by hand from one of the most trusted optical lens manufactures in the world.
Welcome to the official partnership at, supplying you with superior quality money-saving prescription lenses, see our Pricing Table.


So what’s different about our prescription lenses

Varifocal 150x150 Amazon Reglaze Glasses Onlinereplacement lenses 150x150 Amazon Reglaze Glasses Online For a start there are no hidden extras in our pricing table below (Click Here…)

What you see is what you pay not a penny more. Every lens comes with our Super Coatings which include, anti-reflective, anti-glare, anti-static, anti-smudge, dust, water repellent and UV protection.

In fact our combination of coatings and lens technology is so unique it creates a quality effect we call the “All Weather View” that needs to be seen to be believed, it looks as though you are not wearing any lenses. This British lens and coating technology is exclusive to!

We also digitally optimise all lenses to BS EN ISO standards to reduce the thickness so they look thinner and feel lighter at no extra cost to you.

We guarantee to replace our lenses if they become damaged or scratched within 12 months of purchase backed up 100% by our partnership with


High Definition Varifocals with Superior Wide Vision

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A lot of people claim to know all about varifocal lenses. But none of these so called “reglaze glasses experts” have ever invested their own money in any design or manufacture of varifocal lenses to prove their non tested theories. We on other hand already have. We’ve listened to you. We understand the challenges you face. Not because you don’t know how to use a varifocal but because the lens you have is probably basic. You struggle to see through a tiny corridor. Either side of this objects appear distorted fuzzy or blurred.

So our varifocal lenses are high definition for crystal clear vision with our superior wide vision feature making them so much easier to use. Our varifocal lens technology with the All Weather View super coatings competes with some of the most expensive varifocal brand names in the world.

Yes, you can pay twice or three times our price to get a brand name but, we have tested our world class lenses on hundreds of patients over a ten year time frame and the results and findings have proven that most saw no difference and all saved an absolute fortune every time.

So take our British brand and save yourself money, we compete with the best. You can send them back in 30 days for a full refund if you can’t get along with them.

Chances are you won’t, because without any quibble for a full 12 months we guarantee to replace our lenses if they become scratched or damaged at no cost to you what-so-ever.

Not many can say that can they?

Check out the great pricing of our unique high quality “All Weather View” lenses. And if that’s not enough re-assurance remember you are ordering at one of the most successful trusted online retailers today.


Choose Your Lenses & Click The Price – Or Call 0179-376-5264 for Help

Size Name
Colour Name
(See Notes)
High Street RRP
(Named Brands)
Amazon Reglaze Glasses ( Exclusive)
SINGLE VISION - All Weather View
STD 1.5 - Single VisionSuper Coated
£73   -   £105
THIN 1.61 - Single VisionSuper Coated
£117   -   £157
THINNER 1.67 - Single VisionSuper Coated
£167   -   £240
THIN 1.56 - Single VisionPhotochromic
£99   -   £217
THIN 1.61 - Single VisionPhotochromic
£135   -   £219
THINNER 1.67 - Single VisionPhotochromic
£199   -   £240
BIFOCAL - All Weather View
STD 1.5 - BifocalSuper Coated
£99   -   £137
THINNER HD 1.6 - BifocalSuper Coated
£144   -   £210
THIN HD 1.56 - BifocalPhotochromic
£139   -   £210
THINNER HD 1.6 - BifocalPhotochromic
£195   -   £270
VARIFOCAL - All Weather View
STD HD 1.5 - VarifocalSuper Coated
£137   -   £225
THIN HD 1.6 - VarifocalSuper Coated
£199   -   £345
THINNER HD 1.67 - VarifocalSuper Coated
£235   -   £360
THINNEST HD 1.74 - VarifocalSuper Coated
£375   -   £460
THIN HD 1.56 - VarifocalPhotochromic
£152   -   £250
THIN HD 1.6 - VarifocalPhotochromic
£312   -   £390
THINNER HD 1.67 - VarifocalPhotochromic
£339   -   £448
THINNEST HD 1.74 - VarifocalPhotochromic
£397   -   £519
1. Super Coated        = Anti Scratch + Anti Glare + Smudge + Water + Dust Repellent + UV Protection
2. Photochromic        = Super Coated + Darken on exposure to specific types of light
3. Rimless Includes = Polished Edges as Standard, No Extra charge for Glazing


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Call me to discuss your order or any query about our service.



Please contact me for any order query, technical queries on our Varifocal, Bifocal, Single Vision Lenses, or on our world class service.

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We guarantee our lenses against manufacturing defects for a full 12 months.
We are the most trusted Prescription Lens Replacement Service at