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We are a successful well established independent optical practice that has recently moved it’s entire bricks and mortar service online, to provide not only one of the finest quality prescription lenses on the market but also great value for money, accomplished by partnering with one of the most trusted major online retailers today and global brand amazon.co.uk.


How Reglaze Glasses Started

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University Crest, Oxford, UK

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Oxford University, England, UK

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British Heritage

In these chalenging economic times being able to replace just the prescription lenses in a perfectly good pair of glasses is the simplest and cheapest way to ensure you have good optical health. The name given for the replacement of prescription lenses within an existing pair of glasses is called “Reglaze Glasses” hence we adopted the name. However, from where we are today online, our begining was very different.

Our family optical practice and technology know-how started back in the early part of the century where the journey began for us, developing the optical technology that went on to create the  process to produce our own unique range of high quality optical lenses. 

In the late 1940’s at Oxford University a team of scientists including our father then Head of Scientific Research, worked with two colleagues a doctor with a higher degree in mathematics and the professor a fellow of the royal microscopic society. They studied the exposure and behaviour of invisible wave length frequencies transmitted into the brain through the human eye, utilising optical lenses and influenced the advancement of lens technology.

Insight into their research and development of the optical lens structure and how certain materials respond in different ways still continues today. We constantly strive to protect our intelligence where it can influence our decision on the type of lens, the material we use and protection coatings applied to help create optimum vision with maximum eye protection that’s totally unique to your prescription.

Fifty years on in January 1999 we opened a high street optician’s employing qualified optometrists with BA Honours degrees and a minimum 20 years experience to examine our patient’s eyes. 

Each sight test lasted up to 50 minutes in a consulting room full of medical apparatus so advanced the optometrist could take a picture of the inside of the eye to identify early stages of serious eye disease.

Sharing our results and findings with the patient often led to referrals the same day to accelerate the process for early treatment of a disease. Glaucoma is one disease where you may not feel pain so left undetected you begin to lose your visual field of view and while untreated can lead to blindness, where any damage and visual loss is irreversible.

As we became more recognised for our ethical approach to sight testing the D.V.L.A appointed us to conduct tests on disqualified drivers. Our results played an integral part of the reissuing licence process.

In 2004 we achieved the service of excellence award for optical dispensing presented by a global lens manufacture. At this time we supplied prescription lenses of all types, thicknesses and brands to give each patient the widest choice possible. 

In 2005 as materials manufacturing and overheads costs began to escalate, it soon became apparent that the consumer could no longer get a fair deal. In 2006 we were offered a considerable sum for the practice from several major high street retailers.

In 2007 one major retailer made a favourable offer for the business and we sold.

In 2008 we moved the whole operation online to supply designer eyewear and replacement prescription lenses at around 57% less than the high street.

In 2011 we separated the company to concentrate on selling high quality replacement prescription lenses online for up to 70% less than the high street and discussion started how we were going to move the service we provided so well Reglaze Glasses, online.


Our Reglaze Glasses Online Service at amazon.co.uk

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In 2012 and proud of having a British heritage we partnered with the biggest global on-line retailer today which enables us to reduce our costs even further with constantly increasing service quality and value to you today, while being able to offer our unique high quality optical prescription lenses and our unique Reglaze Glasses Online Service.

You will find genuine people leave honest testimonials fully verified at amazon.co.uk commenting on our high quality lenses, value for money and service, where you will also receive a full 12 months guarantee on your replacement prescription lenses when you order at amazon.co.uk.


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