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reglaze glasses online Buying Glasses OnlineIn the UK you the customer can have spectacles made up by either visiting an opticians shop or going online to find a trusted spectacle supplier. Either way your prescription must be no more than two years old.

To obtain your new optical prescription you visit an optician or ophthalmologist as it is also called. The optician will examine your eyes for a fee which may vary depending which part of the country you are or depending on competition in the area.

Some big shopping stores offer free tests often during the week when trade is quieter so its worth shopping around. You may be entitled to a free test paid for by the National Health Service. The optician will advise you about this.

Why Buy Online

Perhaps the biggest reason people buy glasses online is to save money. The amount you save can be huge certainly 50% if not more like for like compared to the high street. Unfortunately there is so much hype out there online about saving money on complete glasses how do you really know the lenses will be the same quality and standard as the ones you already have.

Ordering Online & The Risks

So many things can go wrong when ordering complete glasses online. Is the frame the exact same you have seen else where, not a copy. Are your optical measurements correct, how did you check them? This will affect your vision make no mistake about it.

Perhaps the toughest challenge to answer in today’s online world is who can I trust?

What About Reglaze Online

One way of being certain you get exactly what you want is to have new lenses fitted into your old spectacle frames. The cost will be much less than buying the complete new glasses online and that’s why it’s proving to be so popular.

Online Glasses Verses Reglaze Glasses

The difference between the two is simple. With Reglaze glasses you get to keep your existing frames and simply have new lenses fitted. So you save money by not buying the spectacle frame.

How to Order a Reglaze Online

There are many companies who provide the Reglaze glasses online service and prices do vary. Amazon a well established trusted and well liked website offers a very competitive service in-fact the basic package costs just £10 for standard single vision lenses including the anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings. Unlike some.

Reglaze Glasses Though Amazon

At Amazon you can order your new prescription lenses in less than 60 seconds. It’s simple easy and very clear what to do. You simply tick the boxes to place your order online pop your glasses in the post and everything else is taken care of . Within a few days your glasses arrive back with your new prescription lenses fitted. EASY.

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