Buying Varifocal Lenses

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Types of Lenses

Varifocal lenses have three prescription zones within one lens which are, distance, intermediate and near.

Several companies manufacture varifocal lenses some well known brands and others who produce their own. Each one comes with its own list of exceptions but its probably fair to say that the more you spend the better quality of lens and wider field of view.

Here are three examples of varifocal lenses with no particular reference to any company manufacture or brand.

Entry Level Varifocal lenses.  Budget priced and often based on older technology of lens manufacturing providing the basic varifocal lens but provides good clear vision at distance, intermediate and near, has a smooth graduation between the three prescription zones.

Being the entry level lens it has a narrow prescription corridor between each zone so you will see distortion when you look through the lens to the left and right. Of course a varifocal lens is not really designed for peripheral vision. When looking left and right you need to move your head rather than your eyes, unlike normal glasses.

The other downside to the entry level or basic varifocal lens is that because you have a very limited width of view you may find you’re restricted to frame size and choice.  

Executive Varifocal lenses. A much wider field of view than the entry level or basic lens and the graduation between the distance, intermediate and near zones are often smoother.

Distortions at the edges are reduced even further and these lenses offer great visual comfort and performance being easily adapted for use in shallower frames. Downsides are the cost is much higher.

Optimum Varifocal Lenses. Offers the greatest visual performance available where the technology used to make the lens is more superior. Has the widest area of clear vision for distance intermediate and near vision with graduation of 1mm between each zone pushing the distortion or sway to the very outer edges of the lens. This technique can create up to three times a wider field of view than that of the basic varifocal lens with the graduation much more natural.

A fantastic lens for all purposes and easily adapted to be used with all frame styles and designs.

Varifocal and Bifocal Lens Types

The difference is a varifocal lens has three prescription zones and the bifocal has two. Varifocal lenses are more expensive than bifocal and many people who require glasses for driving and reading opt for the bifocal lens. Here’s why.

Your field of view is wider for both distance and reading. One bifocal prescription lens called the executive uses the whole width area giving you optimum peripheral and centre vision. The top part is your distance prescription the bottom is your near prescription. Unlike a varifocal where a vertical corridor at the centre part of the lens is used to accommodate three prescription zones up and down the centre, the better varifocal has a wider corridor but is more expensive.

Cost is also a contributing factor as the average price of a bifocal is half that of a varifocal prescription lens.  

Different Types Of Bifocal Lens

There are many different types of bifocal prescription lenses. The executive which we discussed earlier has the lens split into two but often has a visible line, which divides two prescriptions on the lens. That said the Reglaze Glasses service through Amazon can supply a bifocal lens WITHOUT the ugly line so that it looks just like a normal smooth lens.

Popular bifocal lenses are D28 and R24, where the D indicates a half moon shape and R a round shape segment normally below the lens horizontal centre line. The numbers refer to the width in millimetres of the segment on the lens. So, a D28 is a half moon shape with a width of 28 mm and an R24 is a round shaped segment with a width of 24mm.

In line with high street opticians third party Reglaze Glasses services generally have the full range of bifocal or varifocal lens types to match (Like for Like) your current dispense with your new prescription.

Varifocal – Bifocal And Reglaze Glasses

Which ever you decide the most cost effective way to obtain your optimum vision at minimal cost is to use your existing frames and have new prescription varifocal lenses fitted into them. One of the most trusted retailers online right now is Amazon  with their new reglaze service through Reglaze Glasses.


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