Introducing Reglaze Glasses Online  

reglazeglasses4 150x150 Introducing Reglaze Glasses OnlineIt’s a fact. Your can save an absolute fortune on glasses by having new lenses fitted into your existing spectacle frames. But, how do you know if the new lenses being fitted are of the same quality and refractive index as your existing when you purchase lenses through a company like Reglaze Glasses Online?

Truth is, unless you know what to ask for you’ll probably never know. So here are the facts about optical lenses which you can check before you order your new glasses.

What’s In A Lens?

Every optical lens whether glass or plastic has what is called a refractive index a number which is a measure of  how much the light bends through the lens. The number is of particular importance when ordering your new prescription lenses.

Due to the dangers of glass lenses, there are now many alternative materials these days and advances in technology that can manufacture lenses with similar optical properties. These alternative lenses are much lighter, however the pricing increases for higher refractive index versions referred to as THIN that approach that of high index glass.

Reglaze Glasses Online Savings

The optician normally found on the high street will supply a standard plastic lens. Plastic as we know is lighter and cheaper than glass and as most “bricks and mortar” opticians struggle with huge overheads, using standard plastic lenses also allows them to remain more competitive, moreover allows them to offer the THIN high refractive index version of these lenses at a premium.

The savings from ordering Reglaze Glasses Online can be much quite good as the retailer has fewer overheads and better pricing. However, the real benefit is the price “like for like” between high street opticians and online suppliers for the THIN lenses.

In most cases SAVINGS start from  £15 for a pair of standard lenses, right through to SAVINGS as much as £100 for premium Thin Rimless Photochromic lenses. In these worrying times when we are all looking at costs, with savings like these on a quality product, it is no wonder the Reglaze Glasses Online service partnered with the most trusted Internet retailer, is something worth considering.  

The Solution To Reglaze Glasses Online  

All prescription lenses supplied by Reglaze Glasses Online either Standard or THIN (High Refractive Index), include our anti reflective scratch resistant coatings as standard, to reduce the risks of glare and  potential damage to the lens surface. Hopefully making life somewhat more comfortable as they are lighter and provide a level of protection to the lens from normal wear and tear.

It takes 60 seconds or less to order new Reglaze Glasses Online and it’s so easy to do. Best of all you’ll have your glasses back in your hand within a few days to enjoy with new lenses, including our standard coatings, that’s value!  

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Introducing Reglaze Glasses Online

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