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Single Vision Lens Replacement

As well as correcting your vision, each lens is fully optimized over its entire surface to make it more optically precise improving its visual performance. 

This advanced process gives you maximum clarity through a high resolution lens that’s thinner, lighter and more comfortable to wear at no extra cost (unlike some).

Buying safe through, this exclusive opportunity and unrivalled 90 day money back guarantee, with full support and confidence of a highly trusted and respected global brand.


Reduce Fatigue With Replacement Lenses

Modern life can be very demanding with increased use of high tech devices. Protecting your eyes today has never been more important.

That’s why we apply anti-glare, scratch resistant multi-coated lenses over the entire surface of each lens offering instant and effortless vision. The coatings bring relief to hard working eyes while correcting your vision. There are no extra costs to you what so ever (unlike some), our replacement lenses are also produced to the highest standard providing clearer vision, evident to you when we replace your lenses.


Bi-Focal Replacement Lenses

Every bifocal lens receives our unique 5 stage coating to help reduce conditions like fatigue, headaches and eye strain, while protecting against deep scratches guaranteed for a full 12 months. The lens is precision made to deliver optimum vision through our unique manufacturing process which gives you the widest field of view possible.

The number NO.1 supplier of Bifocal lenses in the country, manufacturing precision high quality Bifocal lenses, such as D (D25, D28) and Round (R24, R28, R38) fully guaranteed for 364 days.


Varifocal Replacement Lenses

Head Verses Eye movements

Whether you move from a single vision or Bifocal to a Varifocal, there is a swim effect you would need to get accustomed too, that is, you may need to move your head a little to focus rather than just move your eyes to focus on things, for example this swim effect is more noticeable on budget lenses, as you probably know already.

Our lenses go one step further in our quest for greater visual performance. Each lens is individually designed to minimize the amount of what’s often referred to as visual sway or the “the swim effect”

Varifocal wearers often refer to the “swim effect” so we produce one of the widest choice of varifocal lenses each one doing a similar job in a different way bespoke to the wearer to minimize the sway and deliver maximum vision. 

As such each varifocal replacement lens is manufactured differently to accommodate both the patient’s prescription and lifestyle at minimum cost that creates optimum visual performance at every gaze.

Varifocal Replacement Lenses for Head Movers

Here we supply a lens that has the greater proportion of the addition value not on the outer edge but on the concave side of the lens.

This helps minimize the amount of “swim effect” perceived by the wearer as more addition of the prescription is applied to the rear surface of the lens. This helps produce a wider field of view so the image can be seen across a wider part of the lens making it easier for varifocal head movers to see.

Ordering Lens Replacement Could Not Be Easier

Ordering Lens replacement online could not be easier, cheaper with a high quality product, from our no nonsense pricing to our simple ordering system through our global trusted partner and REAL customer 5 out of 5 Testimonials.  


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