Optical Dispensing Practice & Amazon Reglaze Service

field of view Optical Practice & Amazon Reglaze ServiceBetween 1993 to 1997 we dispensed over 9,500 prescription lenses to patients every year for a well established highly reputable group of high street opticians, a long way from the Amazon Reglaze Service we have today.

Back then head office supplied it’s own brand of prescription lenses with a price menu of £53 to £230 per pair. Commercially it made sense but, patients choice was restricted particularly in the varifocal lens, although the usable part of the lens included the prescriptions for distance intermediate and near, it had a small field of view in the intermediate range and outside of this would be the unusable part where distortion would occur. These diagrams illustrate clearly the basic varifocal lens with a narrow field of view verses a “more expensive” lens offering a wider field of view. Generally speaking the characteristics of the unusable area of this type of lens, is common across all varifocal lenses to various degrees.

Many patients struggle to focus through the middle or (intermediate) part of the lens due to the narrow corridor. The solution was to create quality lenses with a wider field of view to reduce the distortion in the intermediate range giving you the best possible vision at every distance.  

A person’s lifestyle was important. A vehicle driver for example would need continual focus ahead through the distance portion of the lens, so a lens with a narrow intermediate (thin corridor) may be acceptable however, an accountant or IT professional who would be concentrating through the intermediate range for computer or desk based work would need a wider field of view so that the eye can focus easier, rather than one having to move their head to keep focus through a narrow intermediate corridor. 

The High Street Opticians

During 1997 a new development took place with the launch of our high street practice. We installed new medical equipment to include the optical coherence tomography scanner or (OCT) used to investigate eye health so eye conditions can be diagnosed at a much earlier stage.

It produced a 3D view of any part of the retina with a photograph of the back of the eye to provide early indications of many serious sight-threatening diseases, which might previously remain unnoticed with a conventional eye examination.  

Patients with short sight, or eye disease like glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, retinal detachments and diabetes are scanned once a year and the results gathered and monitored to identify any early treatment. Detailed information about eye disease and how they affect our way of life will be available to you soon.     

Visual Acuity

The eye examination also identified a patient’s visual acuity (VA) by asking the patient to read black letters of different sizes on a white background. This is called the test chart and its positioned 20 feet away which is essentially infinity from an optical perspective.

Optical lenses are then inserted into a trial frame in front of your eyes to correct blurred vision due to refractive errors. The lens powers are written down which form your prescription used to make your prescription lenses.

Prescription lenses

Using the most accurate state of the art technology we produce prescription lenses accurate to 1/100th of a mm. The lens surface was extremely smooth with polished edges it was easy to wipe clean which made smudged lenses a thing of the past.

Lens manufactures like Zeiss, Essilor, Hoya and Seiko all produce high quality varifocal lenses with a wide field of view in the middle of the lens and reduced distortion around the outside making it easier to use and perfect for the first time wearer.

Optical Lens Award For Service Of Excellence

certificate Optical Practice & Amazon Reglaze Service In 2006 Seiko optical presented us with the ultimate accolade to service of excellence with their award for quality dispensing and patient care. Over the next five years we continued to pioneer and develop new optical lenses of extreme clarity and became preferred suppliers of prescription lenses to companies like the HSA (Simply Health) Lloyds TSB, Barclays Bank and many others.

As time went on, overheads like rent, rates, business tax and other services continued increasing and it became apparent that the consumer was no longer getting a fair deal, as lens costs were also increasing.

We started to look at the whole service model to our customers and set ourselves a new goal to not only supply the latest optical quality lenses, but also reduce the costs by up to 40% less than the high street, by moving the practice online.

With negotiations with a global trusted web based retailer underway  and many offers for the existing business being made,  we decided to make the jump and move the whole operation online.

Between 2011 and 2012 we pioneered the software that’s responsible for making a quantum leap in service quality and value for the consumer with a 60 second ordering system, in partnership with amazon.co.uk that’s proving to be a perfect match.

Not only have we been able to invest in the latest technologies, but we are now able to make huge savings for our customers with prices from £23 and a partnership with a global brand, Amazon.

Amazon Reglaze Service

Today with the latest state of the art equipment, our customer service excellence and relationships with almost every lens manufacture from around the world, we are supplying high quality personally crafted prescription lenses from Single Vision, Bi-focal and Varifocal with a full money back guarantee. The NEW Amazon Reglaze Service is backed up by one of the most trusted global retailers online today, amazon.co.uk.


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