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Our laboratory applies 35 years experience to produce a lens with five very distinct properties. A lens that not only helps to protect the health of your eye but provides optimum clarity of vision too.

Only by applying the very latest digital laser technology and up-to-date materials, can we bring you Anti Glare, Hard Scratch Resistant, lenses that are smudge, dust and water repellent, easy to keep clean and comfortable on the eyes, a feature of our exclusive lenses online through  

You may have heard or have been told and think that all these properties may not be necessary and that the materials and coatings are clear anyway, however nothing can be further from the truth. In the first instance the prescription has to be accurate, but each of the lens properties mentioned could add fractions of obscurity that when added together they cause a minor reduction in clarity through the lens affecting your vision where objects are not as sharp as they could be.

There is no need to panic, obviously these minor imperfections added together may add up to a very small amount, but could be significant enough to be only a slightly noticeable reduction in sharpness of your vision, when looking at objects. However as troubling as these sound, you know just by cleaning your lenses to remove the dust improves the clarity of your vision, it is similar to the five properties in our process that we use to give our lenses the edge.

Anti Glare Reducing Reflection

Our Anti Glare Coating known as an Anti Reflective Coating reduces reflection on the lens so that your vision is clearer by reducing or dampening any reflective images to an acceptable level. UV reduction is a feature of the coating.

UV Reduction

Additionally the Anti Glare Coating reduces UV light which is a major health hazard to the eye that would normally accelerate the growth of cataracts, where the coating would potentially help to minimize this risk. More than 38% of UV exposure occurs when we are not in direct sunlight. Each lens has our unique anti-glare coating to reflect the transmission of ultraviolet rays harmful to the eye so we can help protect you 365 days a year

Hard Scratch Resistant Coating

The Hard Scratch Resistant Coating on the lens is a special impregnated process designed for clear vision and to take the knocks of every day life and is resilient to minor scratching where the lens may have been placed on a rough surface.

The Hard Scratch Resistant Coating is achieved by using a highly advanced impregnated process that protects the lens against light abrasion and deep scratching. A coating which takes the knocks of every day life and highly resilient against scratching when placed on any rough surface.

Smudge Resistant Coating

The Smudge Resistant Coating has a property that reduces dust or dirt from smearing the lens so the lens remains as transparent as possible.

Water Resistant Coating

Rather than adhering to the lens the water resistant coating acts as a water repellent due to its smooth properties so that the lens remains clear.   

Easy Clean

Lenses are sometimes hard to clean and can take you a while to wipe off dirt, smears and water, but with our Easy Clean Coating the formulation allows minimal effort to clean each lens with ease using an appropriate cleaning cloth.  

Buying Lenses Online

Purchasing replacement lenses online could not be easier these days with so many deals on offer, however consideration should be given to the quality, materials and technology, above all our lens replacement service is covered by one of the largest global brands


Properties of Replacement Lenses Online

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