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reglazeglasses3 150x150 Reglaze Glasses Newcomer Reglaze Glasses is an online retailer based in the United Kingdom who supply optimum quality discount-priced prescription lenses and fit them into your own spectacle frames.

The cost of a single lens replacement starts from just £5 and includes a Scratch Resistant Hard Coating as standard, or from £10 a pair includes a unique Multi Reflective Coating, that is both Anti Scratch Resistant and Anti-Reflective as standard.

To protect your eyes from ultra violet radiation we can provide either a Tint or Photochromic Coating that is UV400 as recommended by health care professionals, it also enhances the look of your glasses.

The service called Reglaze Glasses is perhaps more notable for its simple 60 Second Order process through one of the most trusted on-line retailers


In the UK a customer can visit an optician’s shop normally found in the high street and buy a private eye examination.

The optician will issue a written prescription which can be used to order new lenses through Amazon in 60 seconds or less.

This unique service was created in response to consumer demand the most common complaint being that the prices UK opticians charged for the new prescription lenses are too high.

Claims such as this are quiet common across many areas of retail service providers in the UK today. Reglaze Glasses through Amazon, attempts to reduce costs by cutting-out-the-middleman and supplying the customer direct.  


In 1999 a small highly experienced optical team opened a high street optical store. After ten successful years providing eye examinations and Reglaze Glasses service the owners received several offers from major high street retailers and eventually sold.

Much of the money was re-invested into the research of producing high quality optimum precision lenses at affordable prices. It was agreed the consumer deserved a better deal. So in 2012 the Reglaze Glasses service with Amazon was launched. It has a wide range of high quality affordable luxury lenses that deliver optimum vision across a wider field of view, unlike others.

A new brand was launched called the Thomas-Seittzer Lens which is already popular among consumers, and don’t just take our word for it, read their testimonials on this site.

Marketing Reglaze Glasses

Much of the companies business comes from personnel recommendation. Other areas of marketing are through the use of Google Adwords pay per click scheme. The company also has an affiliate marketing scheme which allows people to make money by recommending the service to others.

The Rivals & Reglaze Glasses

Unfortunately their have been a number of cases where the more traditional “bricks and mortar” opticians have attempted to use legal action to close down online optical retailers. However they have been unsuccessful. These days with our busy lifestyles, we are after all simply offering the consumer the choice they deserve, a high quality product at a great price, ordered in 60 Seconds.

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