Varifocal Wins Over Bifocal

Varifocal 150x150 Varifocal Wins Over BifocalAs you look through a varifocal lens for the first time you’ll notice your distance prescription zone is at eye level, look down the lens and through the narrow corridor to discover the power increases toward the near or reading zone.

A primary advantage of a varifocals over that of a bifocals, apart from the obvious cosmetic advantage by not having a line is that instead of just distance and near prescription zones you also enjoy the benefits of having the intermediate zones as well.

Varifocal Characteristics

From your eye examination the optician will share their findings with the dispenser to ascertain your needs and expectations. Should it be decided that a progressive or varifocal lens suits then a varifocal will be recommended.

A varifocal has three prescription zones. At eye level its distance, look down through the corridor and its intermediate and the bottom you’ll find your reading zone.

Many people do not realize that bifocals often give a larger reading area than  varifocals so if near or reading is your primary reason for needing spectacles then a varifocal may not be the most appropriate lens.

General Purpose Varifocal

Often optical dispensers describe varifocals and bifocals as 90%lens. By this they mean that the lens works very well for most daily tasks, such as reading while watching TV, but there are also fundamental tasks for which they fail, such as reading your computer screen at eye level or reading a notice board or prices on the shelf.

You should always be informed of the negative as well as the positive aspects of any optical lens during dispense, and its why there are many different types of varifocal.

Varifocal Distortion

The lenses of Varifocals have some level of distortion on either side of the vision corridor. Each varifocal will create different levels of peripheral distortion.

Something simple like increasing the reading add slightly can make a previously successful wearer of varifocals, experience difficulties. This is due to distortion above the horizontal midline so causing distortion effects even with distance vision.

Varifocal Variations Price Verses Quality

There are a number of different types of varifocal lens and each one comes with its own qualities and exceptions. A standard lens is plastic and called a CR39. It’s safer than glass and the cost depends on the type of lens you have. For example; the reading zone, the length of the reading corridor and the position of the near corridor. Other factors are high index for thinner lenses, photochromic to darken in the sun and polycarbonate for impact resistance all add cost to the end product.

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