What Are Varifocal Glasses

varifocalglasses 150x150 What Are Varifocal GlassesVarifocal Glasses have lenses with a smooth profile, rather than a bifocal that has a distinct visible line or segment on the lens. Hence varifocal lenses are more popular due to their visual appeal compared to  bifocals, although more expensive due to the complexity involved in their manufacture.

Varifocal Glasses date back to early 1900 with the first patent in 1907 becoming commercially available as a varifocal in1922. The idea being that you have three prescriptions in one lens designed to give the wearer back their natural vision and help them to see the way they used too for near, far and in between distances.

The benefit is that you only need one pair of glasses to maintain clear vision at varying distances so making life more comfortable.  

Varifocal Types & Authenticity

Advanced lens manufacturing has seen a number of suppliers introduce varifocal lenses that offer their own level of performance when it comes to comfortable vision.

As one manufacturer might specialise in first time varifocal wearers for people aged 40 who need a while to adjust, another might offer a lens with a wider field of vision for the more complex prescription wearer.

Some well established brands provide a guarantee or certificate of authenticity which describes the lens’s characteristics and prescription, a point perhaps worth considering before purchasing varifocal glasses either on or off line.

Varifocal or Bifocal

Varifocal Glasses differ from bifocal in three ways.

First, the bifocal has two distinct prescription areas. The top part being your distance prescription the bottom or segment at the bottom will be your reading prescription.

The varifocal has three prescriptions which are top for distance progressing down for intermediate and at the bottom for reading.

Second, the bifocal has a visible line or segment which separates the distance from the reading prescription, whereas the varifocal has no visible line whatsoever.

Third is cost. Pretty much the cost of a varifocal will be far greater than that of a bifocal.

Why Reglaze Varifocal  Lenses

It’s a fact, Reglaze your varifocal glasses and you will save time and money. There are a number of reasons for this. You save time because you are already comfortable wearing the varifocal brand which removes all the heartache of trying to get used to them again.

Another reason of course is that you do not need to buy a new frame.

Reglaze Varifocal Glasses Through Amazon

At Reglaze Glasses on the amazon website you will find one of the simplest ways to order a varifocal Reglaze. So easy in-fact it takes 60 seconds to order. Then pop them in the post and in no time at all they will arrive back with you with new varifocal lenses.

How Varifocals Can Help

Research most strongly supports a loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens in the eye, although changes in the lens’s curvature from continual growth and loss of power of the muscles that bend and straighten the lens may also add to its cause.

From a where the focal distance is about 50 mm in a child, at age 25 is about 100mm, which levels off to about 1-2 metres at the age of 60.

Hence as we get older varifocals can help provide more comfortable vision combining three prescriptions into smooth profile lenses, that look great and even more so with a photochromic coating, check out the pricing at Reglaze Glasses.

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