What is a Varifocal   

rimlessglasses02 150x150 What is a Varifocal A varifocal optical lens comprises of three prescription zones. Each zone is designed to give the wearer back their natural vision to help them to see the way they used too.

As a guide, from a child your focal distance may be about 50 mm as we reach age 25 it’s around 100mm away and at age 60 it levels off to about 1-2 metres. Varifocals have three zones which are therefore near, far and in between distances.

The lens is smooth in appearance so looks like a normal standard lens unlike a bifocal which has a visible line or segment on the lens which separates the prescriptions.

How a Varifocal Can Help

Varifocals give you the ability to look at objects at varying distances. At the top of the lens, the power is minimum it then progresses down the lens to the middle or intermediate prescription and finally at the bottom part of the lens which has the maximum power or reading area.

Varifocals also reduces the optical jump more associated with a bifocal lens which takes you from the minimum prescription at the top, to the maximum prescription at the bottom without anything in the middle. The powers of each prescription will influence the amount of optical jump you might experience as such it could be a wiser choice in certain circumstances for a varifocal.

Who Wears A Varifocal   

Varifocals are highly popular among people aged 40 and above who live an active lifestyle and require three prescriptions but conscious of their appearance. Where as the bifocal lens is more common among the senior living or retired fraternity who may simply want a distance and reading lens.   

Varifocal lenses are generally more expensive that the bifocal partly due to the complexity involved in its manufacture even though it’s been commercially available since 1922.

Varifocal Lens Types  

Advanced lens manufacturing has seen a number of different types of varifocal lens arrive in the market place. Each supplier attempting to seek perfection as they explore new combinations of materials and methods that may enhance production.

Some well established brands clinically test their lenses and provide a guarantee or certificate of authenticity which describes the lens’s characteristics and prescription, a point perhaps worth considering before purchasing a varifocals.

Several suppliers name their lenses in a bid to clarify exactly what the lens has to offer, one example could be the field of vision, another might be for reading especially in poor light. Each varifocal does a similar job but in a different way.

A Varifocal or Bifocal Lens

A Varifocal is different than a bifocal in that the varifocals have three prescription zones and a bifocal has two. Another benefit to the varifocal is that the lens is progressive in design so you have no visible line separating the zones which are the distance to intermediate and near.

Finally, the only downside perhaps to varifocals is the cost. It will be more expensive than the bifocal and of course with such choice you need to make certain you are getting “like for like” when checking out prices both online and off line.

Why Reglaze a Varifocal  

The benefits for putting new lenses into your existing frame are many. First you’ll save a shed load of money on your lenses by purchasing your reglaze online.

Second by reglazing your varifocals into your existing frame means you won’t have to pay out for another.

Thirdly, you already feel comfortable wearing the varifocal and familiar with the characteristics of the lens, you are simply getting a newer prescription.

Where to Get a Varifocal Reglaze

Perhaps one of the most trusted places on line is www.reglazeglasses.com who offer the service backed up through the Amazon website giving that extra piece of mind.

It’s easy to do, just a simple point and click process which you can do in less than 60 seconds. Then pop your glasses in the post and in no time at all they will arrive back with your new varifocal prescription glazed into your existing frames.


What Are Varifocal Glasses

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